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Fuel Oil/ Natural Gas, Propane, Furnaces, Oil Tanks, Water Heaters, Hepa Air Filters, Air Conditioning

TSSA Registered Contractor

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  • We are located - on Loggers Way, Kinburn, off of Kinburn Side Rd.
    You will find us just across the Kinburn Post Office.

Gilles Renaud Heating Ltd.

Contractor/Owner: Richard Renaud

3765 Loggers Way, Suite 102, Kinburn, ON K0A 2H0

Contact Information:

• Email: renaudheat1@gmail.com
• Phone: (613) 832-8026 or (613) 435-8026
• Fax: (613) 832-2811

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* For Emergency NO HEAT, call 24 HR EMERGENCY SERVICE at (613) 832-8026

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CERTIFIED - TEMPSTAR and KeepRite Heating & Cooling equipment Distributor.


Gilles Renaud Heating Ltd.

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